Mothertown Meander - the
A cartridge by jennthefunkyranger
N 53° 02.723   W 2° 11.984 N 53° 02.723   W 2° 11.984
Tour Guide 1-2 hours
In West Midlands, United Kingdom
Available Icons:
Added: 6/27/2017 Updated: 7/6/2017

Starting Location Description

N 53° 02.715 W 002° 12.000

About This Cartridge

Whilst out doing Daz App's Mothertown Meander multicache, I had the idea of creating a Wherigo version of the cache.

I emailed him to get permission to do this, and he was enthusiastic about the idea.

This Wherigo follows the same tour of Burslem, the Mothertown of the Potteries, taking you round various sites in the town, showing you various historical locations, and then to Daz App's original final location, before then moving onto the Wherigo only bonus final cache!

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