The First Link
A cartridge by momcat61
N 39° 17.580   W 84° 41.123 N 39° 17.580   W 84° 41.123
Tour Guide Unknown
In Ohio, United States
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Added: 9/14/2017 Updated: 9/19/2017

Starting Location Description

This wherigo has five stages. The first four stages take you to different locations where you can learn just a few facts about what happened here. The fifth stage is the final location of the cache.

About This Cartridge

Fernald. Now a preserve but once it was a Superfund site. Before that it was our country's first link in its nuclear weapons production. It is here were the uranium ore was refined into high-purity uranium products and then those products were shipped to other places for the next step. When Fernald closed to become a Superfund site in 1989, this area had accumulated 2.5 billion pounds of contaminated waste. Some of this waste was shipped to Fernald from other locations and the rest happened during on-site production.

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