J2B2: Village Robot
N 47° 38.772   W 122° 20.150 N 47° 38.772   W 122° 20.150
Story < 1 hour
In Washington, United States
Available Icons:
Added: 9/27/2017 Updated: 9/28/2017

Starting Location Description

The hilltop at Gasworks Park

About This Cartridge

Gasworks Village is in danger! Upgrade the out-of-date Village Robot to protect the community from the sea monster of Lake Union!

This cartridge is at Gasworks Park and takes about 45 minutes and is less than a mile of walking. Plenty of free parking is available in the main parking lot. Bring your camera --- this is one of the most beautiful views of Seattle!


As the original cartridge on wherigo.com does not work with modern player apps, Ranger Fox has adapted this one.

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