Comet Chaos
A cartridge by Stompy & Stampy
N 50° 13.281   W 5° 14.781 N 50° 13.281   W 5° 14.781
Story 1-2 hours
In South West England, United Kingdom
Available Icons:
Added: 5/10/2014 Updated: 11/26/2014

Starting Location Description

The start location is parking for a few cars. The last section of track up to the parking can get a little rough, there is parking just before the last house (end of tarmac) that avoids the worst of it. Start the cart, enjoy the story and navigate to the first zone and most of all enjoy the advent

About This Cartridge

A comet is rapidly hurtling towards the earth, your Uncle, the Mad Professor, has built an impressive ray gun machine to blast the comet into smitherines, before it can crash through the earths atmosphere. Unfortunately his best laid plans have gone somewhat awry and he needs your help to put things right before the comet hits the earth, wiping out humanity, and upsetting his flowerbed!

Please note this is a fairly media-heavy cartridge, and you may have a better user experience on a smart phone. It has been tested successfully on both an Oregon and an Android device, and should take around 60-90 minutes.

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