Larry's Ludicrous Levers
A cartridge by Stompy&Stampy
N 50° 12.527   W 5° 15.127 N 50° 12.527   W 5° 15.127
Challenge Unknown
In South West England, United Kingdom
Available Icons:
Added: 8/24/2017 Updated: 8/25/2017

Starting Location Description

From the parking head towards the old mine buildings. The first stage is by the building in the middle with the grid over the mine shaft.

About This Cartridge

This is a puzzle wherigo that can be completed in less than an hour if you do it wisely or are lucky.

Larry is a miner in charge of the machines at South Wheal Francis.

Every day, he has to set the machines all working by switching on all the levers.

Unfortunately, on this occasion, something has gone awry, and switching one of these levers on, causes two others to change.

This is causing Larry some bother, as he can't figure out how to get all the levers on at the same time, and he needs to get the machines running!

Play the cartridge to help Larry, and get all the levers in the right position, so the machines are running ready for a days work.

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