A cartridge by Ranger Fox
Play Anywhere
Arcade < 1 hour
This cartridge can be played anywhere in the world. See the cartridge's description for space requirements.
Available Icons:
Added: 1/8/2013 Updated: 8/25/2013

Starting Location Description

This cartridge needs an area the size of a soccer field at the most difficult level.

About This Cartridge

Whack-A-Lakey! Remember those games you played in arcades? This game is based on Whack-A-Mole. There are three things you can whack in Whack-A-Lackey: muggles, forum moderators, and Groundspeak lackeys. Run to an area and whack the lackey before s/he disappears! Post your high score and its confirmation code to the cartridge page and compete! Proudly demonstrated at GW6! Needed to complete the Wherigo Geocache GC1CE5Z.

Images of Groundspeak personnel: Copyright 2010. Groundspeak Inc. Used with permission.

Images of forum moderators used with permission.

Updated on 20100618 for stability with OpenWIG. Whack-A-Lackey has also passed 2,000 downloads! You people rock!

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