Wherigo Cartridge Guidelines

This page outlines all Wherigo cartridge creation guidelines. When uploading and sharing a cartridge, all authors certify they have read, understand, and accept the guidelines. Any cartridge that does not meet the guidelines may be removed from the site.

These guidelines may be updated at any time without notification. The Wherigo Foundation reserves the right to be the final arbiter and interpreter of all guidelines. Please visit the forum for all guideline questions.

I. CREATION Guidelines: Covers the creation of a cartridge and physical placements
  1. Cartridge Content and Behavior Guidelines
    1. Explicit content and images are not allowed. All cartridges must be suitable for an audience of young adults.
    2. Cartridges should not be made to identify certain players by name and deliver a custom experience. For instance, a cartridge should not add a two mile hike or impossible puzzle just because a certain person downloaded the cartridge.
    3. Unless prior permission is given by the Wherigo Foundation, all cartridges must be non-commercial in nature. Product and company names and logos may be used to enhance the experience or realism of a cartridge, but may not be used to market or sell.
  2. Cartridge Location Guidelines
    1. By listing a cartridge on this site, you declare the cartridge takes place in publicly-accessible areas or you have the landowner’s permission for a Wherigo cartridge to be there.
    2. Cartridges must use accurate GPS coordinates. If GPS reception will be a challenge in a certain area, zones should have a larger size.
    3. While cartridges may be placed in locations with a risk to personal safety, please consider what is acceptable risk. Cartridges in areas deemed unacceptable risk will be removed. Acceptable risk includes rock climbing while unacceptable risk includes active war zones. Please use common sense.
    4. All Wherigo apps run on cellular phones. While you may place a cartridge outside the range of a cell tower (due to the phone's internal GPS), you may not place a cartridge that uses online content during a playthrough (e.g. streaming video) outside the range of all cellular providers unless such content is optional.
II. LISTING Guidelines: Covers listing a cartridge with this site
  1. Listing On This Site
    1. Cartridges and listings must use accurate GPS coordinates.
    2. Cartridge listings should not contain explicit language or images.
    3. Since a reviewer system is not currently active, cartridge source code may be downloaded randomly by a site administrator and checked for compliance to guidelines.
    4. Currently, there is no proximity guideline for cartridges. However, it is requested that cartridges not have the same coordinates as an existing cartridge. If issues develop, the first cartridge published at the coordinates will have preference.
  2. Cross Listing On Geocaching.com
    1. Listing a Wherigo cartridge on geocaching.com is not required. However, if you do decide to cross list a cartridge, your cartridge must meet all geocaching guidelines.
    2. All physical placements must conform to the geocaching guidelines. This includes props and containers on the way to the final geocache.
    3. All physical placements fall under the geocaching proximity guideline. All physical placements must be outside proximity to other geocaches and cartridges. However, physical placements within the same cartridge can be as close as you like.
    4. All zones and virtual elements (e.g. items) within a cartridge are considered virtual stages under geocaching guidelines. The proximity rule does not apply to virtual elements.
III. LOGGING Guidelines: Covers requirements to create a log on this site
  1. Logs with explicit language will not be tolerated. Please use language suitable for a general audience of minors.
  2. All photos uploaded with a log entry must be suitable for a general audience.
  3. Cartridge owners and contributors have the right to police log entries made on their listings. Bogus or spam logs may be deleted.
  4. Cartridge owners and contributors have the ability to upgrade incomplete playthrough logs to completion logs and vice versa if and when the need arises.