Site Features

What does the Wherigo Foundation site offer? In a word: lots! Check out what's new!

Author Tools

Cartridge ContributorsCartridge access is split into several groups: owner, co-owner, download-only, and tester. The listing owner and co-owners share all responsibilities: updating code, modifying the listing, etc. Both owners and co-owners receive credit for the cartridge. Download-only users have access to the cartridge's source code and nothing more. Testers are regular users, but can see the listing before it is published. By using our cartridge contributor feature, you'll be able to share the work that goes into creating a cartridge. VersioningPrevious versions of your cartridge are retained on the site. If you make a mistake, you can easily revert to a previous version or download a previous version for comparison. You can also upload test versions of your cartridge for other contributors to access (or download via a Wherigo API-enabled player). If you have a test version, you can promote it any time to the cartridge's current version. CompletionsContributors control who can and has logged their cartridges as complete. Promote logs to complete logs, give someone the ability to log a completion, or change a complete log to an incomplete playthrough. Geocache LinkingLink your cartridge listing to one or more geocaches. The caches will show on your listing page as links to Anyone who writes a log on your cartridge will have the option of having it copied automatically over to Automatic PublicationIf your cartridge is linked to a geocache, you can set your cartridge to publish automatically when the geocache has published. A cartridge will be published automatically when the first non-contributor visits the listing after a linked cache has been published. Open Source SettingsYou can set your cartridge to be open source, open only to those who have completed your cartridge, or not allow your cartridge to be open source at all. It's your choice. Submission ProcessYou are in charge of publishing your own cartridges.

Player Tools

Downloading CartridgesIf you use a Wherigo Foundation API-enabled player app, you can download cartridges directly from within the app. You can also use the site's download queue feature to send cartridges to your app. The app will check this queue and download the cartridges automatically! Finally, seamless integration with your player app! Log EntriesUse colors, formatting, and emoticons in your log entries. Personalize your logs the way you want! If a cartridge listing is linked to a geocache, you can choose to have the log entry copied over to! PhotosYou can now upload photos with your logs. Photos will appear as thumbnails within the cartridge listing and larger thumbnails within the log entry page. Photo tools are available, such as rotate, color adjust, brightness, and contrast. NotificationsWatch cartridge listings and receive emails every time someone writes a log entry, including when a contributor uploads a new version of the cartridge. Set up notifications for when cartridges publish--including for play-anywhere cartridges--or someone logs cartridges in an area. Be the first to know! SearchingFind cartridges by a combination of name, author, coordinates, and city. Search for open source cartridges and filter out ones you've completed or made an incomplete playthrough log. View the results in either tile or table format. MappingView cartridges on an interactive map. BookmarksCreate and share bookmark lists. Add listings to a bookmark list or manage your list directly from the cartridge listing page! My Account PagesView cartridges you've completed, your unpublished cartridges, your log entries, and activity on your cartridges here. See which cartridges you've played and yet to complete. Adjust your notifications or bookmarks.

Wherigo Foundation API

Almost everything on the site is available through our Wherigo Foundation API. This allows builder and player apps to communicate with the site. Anything that supports Wherigo v1.1 is capable of using the API.