Greenwich Park
A cartridge by SkiCycle
N 51° 28.600   W 0° 00.000 N 51° 28.600   W 0° 00.000
Geocache 1-2 hours
In London, United Kingdom
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Added: 4/28/2018

Starting Location Description

You can start this Wherigo anywhere in the park as the zones cover much of the area. There is paid parking in the park, but you can also find limited parking in some of the surrounding streets.

About This Cartridge

Greenwich Park is a Royal Park covering about 73 hectares on the hill overlooking Greenwich. As well as the pleasant grass and tree covered area the park is also the home to The Royal Observatory, Greenwich, from where there are superb views over Greenwich and London. This Wherigo will take you to places of interest in the park and then on to potentially two caches, both located outside the park, within 1 km of the start point.

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