Momotaro and the Ogre
A cartridge by J2B2
N 37° 19.283   W 121° 51.658 N 37° 19.283   W 121° 51.658
Story < 1 hour
In California, United States
Available Icons:
Added: 3/19/2013

Starting Location Description

The South entrance to the Japanese Friendship Garden at Kelley Park in San Jose, CA.

About This Cartridge

The story of Momotaro is a folk tale that originated from the city of Okayama, Japan. Okayama is one of San Jose's sister cities, and the Japanese Friendship Garden was built in honor of this.

Momotaro, the Peach Boy, is leaving home to defeat the Ogre. Along the way he will need to enlist help from several friends in hopes of destroying the terrorizing Ogre.

Go to the House to start the adventure!

This is an open source cartridge. We have included a text file in the "download source" section to help builders and players become more familiar with this cartridge.

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