Port Orange Clue Hunt
A cartridge by Wabbit
N 29° 08.603   W 81° 00.842 N 29° 08.603   W 81° 00.842
Challenge > 4 hours
In California, United States
Available Icons:
Added: 3/19/2013

Starting Location Description

Your Adventure begins in Port Orange, Fl

About This Cartridge

This PLAY ANYWHERE cartridge Has a "Local" and an "Out Of Area" mode of play! Can you solve the puzzles? Check out www.TreasureQuestSociety.com for a riddle and code breaking game where you could win Cash! (let us know if you would like to see something like it for Wherigo too.)

Healthy Life and Treasure Quest Society.com Present: This Clue Hunt is based on the real hunt we had in Port Orange, FL. Everyone had so much fun, I wanted to share it. It has two modes of play. You can choose the LOCAL button or an OUT OF AREA button to make it playable when you are not local, since some of the clues are visual and not on a map. Solve the 10 Riddles and codes and explore the local area to find answers.
This is the full game with added hidden features, sounds and a little local information. Can you complete it? Your Adventure starts with a trip to the local vitamin store to pick up your clues....

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