I Spy Your Spies!
A cartridge by TeamHamm
N 41° 35.697   W 84° 09.087 N 41° 35.697   W 84° 09.087
Geocache < 1 hour
In Ohio, United States
Available Icons:
Added: 6/25/2021 Updated: 7/23/2021

Starting Location Description

Your First Test.
Starting point is in front of the Dairy barn in the Fulton County Fairgrounds.

N 41 35.699 W 084 09.077

About This Cartridge

Your Mission, if you decide to complete it, is to travel to each location of suspicious activity and positively identify the spy/spies at that location. At each location you will have to answer a trivia multiple choice concerning a spy themed tv series or movie.

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