A cartridge by TOSY
N 35° 42.828   E 139° 46.554 N 35° 42.828   E 139° 46.554
Geocache < 1 hour
In Ehime, Japan
Available Icons:
Added: 3/19/2013

Starting Location Description

Ueno Station

About This Cartridge

This is a cartridge support Geocaching in Ueno.
You can see the 3 zones at the start point. Go to these points and answer the questions.
When you answer the 3 questions correctly, you can see the last cache zone.
To complete the cartridge, you should find the coin in cache zone.
The actual cache is hidden in the last cache zone. To claim the Wherigo cache, you should find and log the cache.

Enjoy walking in Ueno!

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