Primitive Compass Navigation
A cartridge by TOSY
Play Anywhere
Challenge < 1 hour
This cartridge can be played anywhere in the world. See the cartridge's description for space requirements.
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Added: 3/19/2013

Starting Location Description

Anywhere in the world, at least 100 meters in one direction.

About This Cartridge

This cartridge demonstrate the primitive compass navigation.

In few hundreds years ago, many people went sea, and tried to find a new world.

Of course they didn't have GPS system. But they had skill to find location.

The compass navigation is one of method to find the location, and it is still important method for navigation using simple tool.

Using this cartridge, you can demonstrate one of the compass navigation to return to the original point.

After starting the cartridge before walking, try to find and record some marker direction. These are the keys to identify the current location.
Then please walk at least 100 meters away.
After walking, try to return the original point with compass without GPS.
When you can return within 10 meters to original point, you will complete the cartridge.

The proper original location is,
- open area at least 100 meters in one direction
- some markers (top of hill, monument, playground equipment, etc) can be found not to far (too difficult) and not to close (too easy). (Markers approximately 50 meters away are recommended.)
- Less texture on the ground surface to avoid spoil when you return and find the original point.

This cartridge is suitable for compass navigation skill training.

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