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N 28° 35.077   W 82° 13.588 N 28° 35.077   W 82° 13.588
Tour Guide < 1 hour
In Florida, United States
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Added: 3/19/2013

Starting Location Description

Parking on the west side of Croom Road, along the rails to trails, at the Florida trail crossing. The walking trail is on the east side of Croom Road.

About This Cartridge

[b]GEOCACHE IS ARCHIVED[/b] Take a walk in the woods on maintained trail. No bushwhacking. Less than half mile start to finish. Meet some oaks. This is the companion cart to the geocache GC1C125, Oak Trivia [b]ARCHIVED[/b].

March 2010 updated cart. I hope this will run on Garmns. It runs on Pocket PCs fine.
The zones in the woods are rather large. You do not have to leave the trail, but you may have to move about within the zones to find the described trees.

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