A cartridge by A Snail & Myriad Green
N 51° 24.342   W 2° 30.468 N 51° 24.342   W 2° 30.468
Story < 1 hour
In Northern Scotland, United Kingdom
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Added: 3/19/2013

Starting Location Description

Start location is at the end of an alley leading from a road called "The Brambles".

About This Cartridge

Legend has it that St Keyna was a princess who came to a Saxon town as a Welsh Missionary and asked to be allowed to build a cell in the nearby woods. The local chief tried to discourage Keyna by telling her that the wood was infested with snakes, but Keyna would not be dissuaded. Some time later at her cell in the woods, Keyna showed the chief some ammonites and told him that they were the snakes he had warned her about. St Keyna had turned the serpents to stone and made the woods safe, hence Keynsham (Keyna's ham (ham is an old english name for town)).

This Wherigo is an interpretation of the legend where you play the part of Keyna. All you need to do is go to the center of the woods and select a good place to build your cell (home). As it happens, this is also where the geocache is located.

Sounds easy, it might be even easier than you think as the woods around Keynsham are not as large as they used to be. The wood where this Wherigo is set was planted in 2000 and is only a small area, so things are a bit crammed into a small space. The good news is you only need to get to less than 250m from the starting point. The bad news is there are snakes. Lots of snakes. They will bite if you get too close, or they get too close to you, and their bite is fatal.

Any problems please report them and we will see if I can sort them out for you.

Have fun
ASnail & MyriadGreen

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