Got Benchmark
N 44° 45.609   W 85° 30.804 N 44° 45.609   W 85° 30.804
Tour Guide < 1 hour
In Michigan, United States
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Added: 3/19/2013

Starting Location Description

The starting location of this cache is at the first of eight benchmarks that you will find along the way. The first benchmark is located just off the TART Trail on Five Mile Road and is between Five Mile Road and US 31. As a bonus, there is a great view of the bay from here!

About This Cartridge

Got Benchmark? This wherigo cache includes finding 8 benchmarks along with a final physical cache.

Got Benchmark? This whereigo cache covers eight benchmarks, an existing cache inside a benchmark and a real physical cache over an area covering approximately six vertical miles. All of the benchmarks are of the "park-n-grab" variety. The final, however, is not and is a quart sized plastic jar wrapped in cammo tape that is located in a nature preserve along the route of this wherigo cache. YOU NEED TO COMPLETE THE TASKS IN SEQUENTIAL ORDER IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THE CACHE.

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