Wherigo Nightcaching
A cartridge by Clan Riffster
N 28° 41.221   W 81° 09.576 N 28° 41.221   W 81° 09.576
Challenge > 4 hours
In Florida, United States
Available Icons:
Added: 3/21/2013

Starting Location Description

The parking lot of the Lil Big Econ State Forest, Barr St Trailhead, off County Rd 426, between Oviedo and Geneva

About This Cartridge

A night cache in the Lil Big Econ State Forest, companion to the Geocache GC22BP5

This cartridge is a companion to the geocache by the same name. GC22BP5 This quest takes you on a 4 mile hike, 2.5 miles of which are pure, old school bushwhacking, through many varied environments, and it does it at night, in the Lil Big Econ State Forest. At times, you will need to resort to tools other than a Wherigo compatable device. These tools include a second, separate GPSr, and a compass. Things you will also need include a strong flashlight, a headlamp, a spare flashlight, spare batteries, clothing which can survive everything from head high saw palmettos to knee deep swamps, a pokey stick, bug spray, lots of water, first aid stuff and a cell phone. You should come prepared to be face to face with deer, raccoons, armadillos, venomous snakes and wild hogs. You should keep both your GPSr and your Wherigo device running, at all times. If you keep your tracklog on, on your GPSr, you will be glad you did later. Don't get eaten!

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