In Memory of GCB0B
A cartridge by JCanyoneer
N 33° 38.407   W 112° 07.261 N 33° 38.407   W 112° 07.261
Story < 1 hour
In Arizona, United States
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Added: 3/21/2013

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About This Cartridge

We recently lost GCB0B to pancreatic cancer. This wherigo was made "In Memory of GCB0B"

Bob was a true pioneer of Arizona caching. At the Deer Valley Ten Year Event Cache (5/2010), when they conducted the countdown of who had been caching the longest, Bob (who can be seen in the group photo on that cache page, front row center in the white hat) was the "last man standing". Bob placed Arizona's second geocache in October, 2000. It's still active and is a worthy and worthwhile challenge.

Bob made many other contributions to Arizona caching. He created Arizona's first event cache in March 2001. He created what is certainly one of the first multi-caches in the state, and it is still active today. He set a still-active cache at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. And his still-active "Box O Books" cache (GCB0B) is probably the only cache anywhere that not only has a GC ID that is an acronym of the cache title, but also a GC ID that is identical to the hider's name!

Bob is survived by his wife, Marion, and two sons.

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