Meet the CO'S at the LVGGP Wherigo
A cartridge by agility3d
N 40° 39.850   W 75° 14.275 N 40° 39.850   W 75° 14.275
Tour Guide 2-3 hours
In Pennsylvania, United States
Available Icons:
Added: 3/21/2013

Starting Location Description

This cartridge will begin in the west side parking area in Hugh Moore Park where we are holding our caching event. The event is GC3B3N0 there are driving directions to the GZ on that cache page.

About This Cartridge

This wherigo is part of the Lehigh Valley GeoCachers Geo Park.What is a GeoPark? Several members of Lehigh Valley Geocachers volunteered to hide interesting and unusual caches in a small, concentrated area. We call this zone a “GeoPark.” If you plan your caching just right, you may qualify for a “One Busy Day” cache. Enjoy!

This simple but long Wherigo is a tour of our Lehigh Valley Geocachers Geo Park. It can be used to help you plan your caching day here. It is also designed to give those that were not able to be here for our opening event to get to know each of the cache owners from the park a little better. It will serve as our own virtual event to give you the feel of being here on the opening day. This is the easiest wherigo I have created so far as there are no challenges, questions or penalties to pay on this one. It will simple accompany you from cache to cache across our park sharing little tidbits of information about the cache owners and our geo park. This Wherigo is associated with cache GC3BTRD which you will find and log in the end. If you can I would suggest using a smart phone for the cartridge while continuing to hunt for each cache on a separate phone or GPS, it should be safe to leave the game to do the caches and resume the game from where you left off but I would really hate... (ED: this was cut off)

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