Excavation in Sellersville
A cartridge by ggggeo2
N 40° 21.756   W 75° 20.344 N 40° 21.756   W 75° 20.344
Challenge < 1 hour
In Pennsylvania, United States
Available Icons:
Added: 3/21/2013

Starting Location Description

The parking lot in James Memorial Park in Sellersville, PA

About This Cartridge

This is the game cartridge for Geocache GC3BZJ1 http://coord.info/GC3BZJ1

You, the world-famous archaeologist, have received an interesting communication from a colleague. You aren't quite sure what is going on over there, but you grab your Fedora, hop in your trusty jeep, and vow to check the site out. You throw a few things in there you know you'll need once you get there, and are on your way.

See more information on the cache page at http://coord.info/GC3BZJ1

This Wherigo cartridge was developed using Urwigo

This cartridge is open-source, I am all in favor of someone "borrowing" it and modifying it to their area. All you'd really have to do is redefine the zones. If you contact me I will send you the Urwigo files.

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