A cartridge by Partyholics
N 38° 42.821   W 90° 26.708 N 38° 42.821   W 90° 26.708
Geocache 1-2 hours
In Missouri, United States
Available Icons:
Added: 4/26/2013

Starting Location Description

St. Louis, Missouri

About This Cartridge

A zombie virus is ravaging the city, and you are humanity’s only hope of finding a cure. Find Patient Zero before it’s too late! This cartridge visits several locations in Maryland Heights, mostly along Dorsett Road. It is probably best traveled via car, though a biker might get a good workout here, if they didn't mind the back and forths on potentially busy streets. The route could be walked, but would be about 12 miles from start to finish, possibly more since some stops are not obvious. Most of the stops are handled by pulling into parking lots and continuing the adventure. For those sections that require exiting the vehicle, everything is relatively easy to handle, with two sections that might involve brief walks over flat but unpaved terrain. The final cache, just a simple micro with a log, is at a difficulty/terrain rating of 1/1.5.

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