A cartridge by Ranger Fox
Play Anywhere
Arcade < 1 hour
This cartridge can be played anywhere in the world. See the cartridge's description for space requirements.
Available Icons:
Added: 11/8/2013 Updated: 7/10/2018

Starting Location Description

Any football field of your choice. For those of you located in the United States, any soccer field of your choice.

About This Cartridge

A cartridge by Ranger Fox, creator of Whack-A-Lackey! Play Battleship anywhere in the world! Can you sink five ships with the three types of ammunition you have? This cartridge will be open source in late February. The code is well-commented, so you can learn how it was created. It should be easy to localize it and make a spin-off for your area.

This is a Play-Anywhere cartridge set on a football field. You must sink all battleships before your ammo runs out. To start the game, stand in the middle of the field and select the "Start Game" item.

The ships will be hidden from view until you damage one. To shoot where you are standing, select the caliber shell from your inventory and click the "Fire!" button. All ships within the shell's area of effect will be damaged.

To win the game, you must sink all five ships before your ammunition runs out.

Thus far, the cartridge has been tested in the field with a Garmin Colorado. As of June 3, 2012, you can now play using an iPhone!

Just like Whack-A-Lackey, the cartridge will be open source (in late February). The source code is well-documented and your comments are appreciated.

See the geocache GC2NCZ5 for more details.

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