The Case of Dr Egbert
A cartridge by josephaw
N 40° 01.024   W 111° 44.837 N 40° 01.024   W 111° 44.837
Story Unknown
In Utah, United States
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Added: 6/26/2014 Updated: 8/21/2017

Starting Location Description

After talking with his wife, you learn that this was the known location for your friend. You should start there.

About This Cartridge

For years, locals have mentioned and searched for old Spanish mines and gold, with varying success. Recently a friend of yours, a local historian, believed that he had uncovered the location of one of these treasure troves. After leaving you a cryptic message last night on your door, which said "I finally found it!" since then he has disappeared, and his wife has not heard from him either. You are hoping that you can find your friend, and hopefully the treasure, before it is perhaps too late...

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