The Fox, Chicken, and Feed
A cartridge by Ranger Fox
N 35° 57.360   W 79° 43.586 N 35° 57.360   W 79° 43.586
Challenge < 1 hour
In North Carolina, United States
Available Icons:
Added: 1/8/2013 Updated: 10/10/2013

Starting Location Description

Behind a pavilion at Hagen-Stone Park. You start next to a stand of five trees.

About This Cartridge

You have a fox, chicken, and feed you need to get to the other side of the lake, but you can only take one at a time.

Complete this classic logic puzzle to find a nearby geocache.

Alternatively, you could always leave the chicken alone with the fox. Ranger Fox likes a free meal and would be pleased.

As a side note, this cartridge came about due to a demo I created for the forum. I figured since I had a working cartridge, I'd at least put it out for the locals for once.

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