At the Edge of Madness - GC2C5FN
N 35° 01.973   W 79° 02.113 N 35° 01.973   W 79° 02.113
Story 1-2 hours
In North Carolina, United States
Available Icons:
Added: 1/8/2013

Starting Location Description

Driving down the road towards your home...

About This Cartridge

Horror-themed Wherigo Adventure Geocache to be used in conjunction with Geocache GC2C5FN

Journey through the dark side of sanity until you reach the Edge of Madness. As you trek through the wilds, your Sanity will be tested in many ways. Your Sanity level, an unexplained Timer and YOUR choices will determine the final outcome of your journey. Can you make it to the end with your Sanity intact before the Timer runs out?

NOTE: Game semi-works across most tested devices. However, emulator play is recommended BEFORE field play. Game will automatically save your progress every couple of minutes in case you run into problems and need to restore.

Those playing on the Emulator or smartphones (Nokia, Blackberry, WinMobile, Android, I-phone, etc.) should download the 'Pocket PC Device' version!

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