Finding Amelia Earhart
A cartridge by Ranger Fox
N 36° 18.820   W 80° 00.443 N 36° 18.820   W 80° 00.443
Story 1-2 hours
In North Carolina, United States
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Added: 12/16/2014 Updated: 4/6/2017

Starting Location Description

Just across the bridge on the yellow trail is where some wreckage was located.

About This Cartridge

Finding Amelia Earhart

Part of the Ranger Fox Signature Tribute Series

July 20, 1937 - The search for the missing aviator Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan continues. Officials aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Itaska are still hopeful the search will be successful. The search will be expanded to include Nakamaroru Island in the north and fifty miles south of the island pair Howland and Baker, the former of which Earhart had been expected to land on the first of this month.

Earhart reached worldwide acclaim by being the first woman to fly across the Atlantic, second only to Charles Lindbergh. Earlier this year, she attempted to be the first human to circumnavigate the world at the equator in an aircraft. Her first attempt aboard her Lockheed Electra was unsuccessful when her craft was damaged in Hawaii, her first stop. After repairing the Electra, she set off east this time, joined by expert navigator Fred Noonan.

The world followed in rapt attention as the pair left Burbank for destinations that included stops in Miami; Puerto Rico; Natal, Brazil; Dakar, Africa; Luxor, Egypt; Dubai; Karadai; Calcutta; Bangkok; Singapore; Surabaya; Darwin, Australia; and Lae. After leaving supplies behind in Lae--including a five hundred foot radio wire--Earhart and Noonan left the island on June 30th for what was supposed to be a twenty-two hour flight to their next stop, Howland, before heading to Hawaii and back home to what was anticipated to be a grand celebration of American pride.

Officers aboard the Itaska are still hopeful, keeping an eye out for any sign of the aircraft and an ear on the radio for a mayday from KHAQQ, Earhart's call sign. Further details will follow as the search progresses.

This is a Ranger Fox Signature Tribute geocache for the cacher AMEarhart. Be prepared for a different experience, tailored specifically for the person being honored.

This requires a smartphone running a Wherigo app such as WF.Player (for iOS/Android/Windows phones), WhereYouGo, or Wherigo for iPhone. Garmin GPS receivers are not supported due to the auditory nature of this cartridge. Download for anything but a Garmin player. If you're unsure if your player app supports the cartridge, load the cartridge into your app and play the "Test Tape" item; that's what it's there for. Do not visit the physical site unless you can play the test tape. And, yes, this cartridge was tested on all player apps, but versions and hardware do differ.

Play Notes
You will only see the next location when you get within fifty feet. This Wherigo geocache uses physical props to enhance the overall experience. Please handle with care as some props are fragile and make sure to recover well because some cannot be replaced. You do not need to mess with the campsite prop as the cache is hidden within five feet. Once you enter the clue into the cartridge's "Unlock Item" item, return to your inventory to view the new item. It is suggested you become familiar with one of my favorite tools, the JavaScript Great Circle Calculator, as they didn't have GPS in 1937. The cartridge will bring you within perhaps twenty feet, but it's your job to find things.

This cache uses props. Do not damage the props. Rehide the props courteously and responsibly.

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