A cartridge by SniperChicken
N 34° 22.225   W 89° 30.779 N 34° 22.225   W 89° 30.779
Story < 1 hour
In Mississippi, United States
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Added: 1/8/2013 Updated: 3/21/2013

Starting Location Description

Best parking will be in the gravel parking lot just north of the church.

About This Cartridge

I hope you enjoy your experience as you journey this...NECROPOLIS.

Park near the starting point or across the street in the gravel parking lot. Paved terrain for the most part,unless you choose to walk the more direct paths;which is perfectly fine.

This wherigo is fairly basic.It will have 4 zones to complete. It has been repeatedly tested using the android app "WhereYouGo", no testing with a Garmin device however.

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