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A cartridge by -Wendy-
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This cartridge can be played anywhere in the world. See the cartridge's description for space requirements.
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Added: 2/23/2015 Updated: 3/23/2015

Starting Location Description

A Wherigo Cache With a Twist

The cache is NOT at the posted coordinates, but you may begin your search from any point in the world!

About This Cartridge

This Wherigo converts your player into a virtual version of the "Reverse Cache Box" which tells you the distance to the cache, but not the bearing. You may begin your search from any spot in the world using your Smartphone or Whereigo compatible GPS to navigate to the cache.


The cartridge was created by -Waldmeister- and is available to download from the wherigo.com website.

-Waldmeister-'s "The first Reverse Cache [WIG]" is the original cache in this family.

Your task is to find the cache by periodically querying your Reverse Cache Box for the distance to the final location. Try to use your Reverse Cache Box as few times as possible. All instructions and necessary information needed to complete the cartridge is contained within it. The cartridge is multilingual.

To begin, you will have to type this code into your player:




It is suggested that you take the code with you on your journey. It will be needed if it becomes necessary to restart your player for any reason.


When you have reached the final, you will be given some statistics on your quest. If you wish, you may enter the details into your log, and also post the number of times you calculated the distance.

At the end of the game, you will be given a personal pass-code which you can enter into the cartridge if you select "create" rather than "play" when you start the cartridge. Save this code, and if you ever wish to create your own reverse cache, you can do so. -Waldmeister- would like you to inform him of your new edition of his handiwork. Please do not include hints in your log about where and how you found the cache or post photos that would give away the final location.

Have Fun!

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