Lost Puppy
A cartridge by jellis
N 37° 49.615   W 122° 14.350 N 37° 49.615   W 122° 14.350
Geocache Unknown
In California, United States
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Added: 2/24/2015 Updated: 2/25/2015

Starting Location Description

Park in legal spots on Artuna or Ricardo. Start at the entrance to the dog walk on Artuna. You should be getting instructions when you pass the gates.

About This Cartridge

In Dracena Park it is divided between a childrens playground and a dog run and trails to explore. This former quarry is beautiful with the tall trees and nice places to walk or sit. Because of the dog run it gave me an idea to put a dog themed Wherigo. Just follow the instructions in the cartridge. Don't go too fast or you will miss the needed directions to put on the right course. The course took me about 10min to test it. It shouldn't take you more then 20-30 min. with some distractions with dogs, people and the wildlife. The walk it's self is easy but watch out some bumps in the path. I measured it to be less then .35miles.

Caution: If you have a fear of dogs or are uncomfortable about dogs running unleashed then you may want to skip this one.

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