Horbury History Hike
A cartridge by Pumpkinmarblers
N 53° 39.545   W 1° 33.276 N 53° 39.545   W 1° 33.276
Geocache < 1 hour
In Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Added: 4/19/2015

Starting Location Description

Parking is available near the town centre behind the coop. The cartridge start point is at the coop entrance on the High Street.

About This Cartridge

This Wherigo is a 2.5 km walk around Horbury which you should be able to complete in under an hour. It takes you to some of the more interesting historical locations. There are about 13 locations to visit and a few questions to answer, each of which you will need to get right to continue (but they are easy!!). This walk best done with an iPhone App as there are some audible alerts, but these are not essential, all the information you need will be shown on your device screen. For Geocachers there is a cache to find at the end and a log book to sign. To find the Geocache you will need your GPSR to input the final coordinates which you will be able to work out from a clue you will be given at the end of the walk. If you need to refresh a zone just exit and re-enter it. To begin go to the start zone which will be activated when you press the button below. Enjoy your walk. There are a number of locations on the way for refreshments if needed so take your time there is no rush.

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