Payson Tour Wherigo
A cartridge by josephaw
N 40° 02.621   W 111° 43.777 N 40° 02.621   W 111° 43.777
Tour Guide 1-2 hours
In Utah, United States
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Added: 5/24/2015 Updated: 5/27/2015

Starting Location Description

Marker #1:

You will want to begin your tour at the northwest corner of Utah Avenue and 200 East. Here we will observe our first marker.

About This Cartridge


The Payson Historical Preservation Board erected some markers at several important points along this walking tour. Each marker has a new plaque that gives information about the particular site. The markers were constructed to remind us of our pioneer heritage. They are an important
contribution to the historical walking tour, and I hope you enjoy them.

This tour has been provided by the Payson Historical Society, Payson City, and many people who worked hard to make it happen. Jake Jasperson, Scout Troop 911, Dale and Gloria Barnett, Ivan Haskell, and Cheri DeGraw all deserve credit. I took their original tour, and made it into a wherigo; I hope that you enjoy!

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