Brent - Le chemin le plus long
A cartridge by nick14o
N 46° 27.511   E 6° 54.054 N 46° 27.511   E 6° 54.054
Story 1-2 hours
In Suisse romande (GE/VD/FR), Switzerland
Available Icons:
Added: 1/8/2013

Starting Location Description

Parking Area

About This Cartridge

Decouvrez le village pittoresque de Brent et ses hauts.
1.0 realese
1.1 correction of a co-ordinates issue
1.2 fixed an issue that made cheating possible and made the cartrige easier to use
1.3 fixing the co-ordinates of the final cache thank's to Natacha et Denis
1.5 Added German language support and possibility to use "unlock code"
1.6 Changed description of stage 1 from plastic box to nano

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