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N 38° 47.519   W 77° 13.002 N 38° 47.519   W 77° 13.002
Geocache < 1 hour
In Virginia, United States
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Added: 5/3/2016 Updated: 5/6/2016

Starting Location Description

The fishing platform next to Accotink Creek (near the Cross Country trail) at Lake Accotink Park, Springfield, VA.

Parking can be accessed by taking Accotink Park Road.

About This Cartridge

This is a kid friendly Wherigo geocaching adventure that takes place on the hiking trails around Lake Accotink in Springfield, VA, using characters from one my family's favorite Japanese animated film called My Neighbor Totoro. The hike is about a one mile round trip and the starting point is at the parking lot adjacent to the railroad trestle.

This cartridge relates to geocache GC56737 - Wherigo: Totoro http://coord.info/GC56737

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