Ashburn-Leesburg Ridealong
A cartridge by Mr. MegaWheatie
N 39° 02.615   W 77° 29.170 N 39° 02.615   W 77° 29.170
Tour Guide 1-2 hours
In Virginia, United States
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Added: 1/8/2013

Starting Location Description

Washington and Old Dominion Parking Lot near Ashburn Fire Station

About This Cartridge

Cartridge is intended to be done as a bike ride, but it could also be done on horse, inline skates, or even a long hike. Total distance is approximately 10 miles. Along the way, you'll be asked to answer some fairly easy questions. If you answer them correctly, the location of the cache will be revealed. Answer them incorrectly, and you'll have to start again. For more info, see geocache GC1HQBM.

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