Version History

This is the cartridge's version history. It shows what additional work has been done on the cartridge. If the user is sharing the cartridge's source code, you can download specific versions here.
Version Num Date Uploaded Updated By    
Current (4) 10/3/2013 Ranger Fox
  Email testing combined with oldest version deletion.
3 10/3/2013 Ranger Fox
  This should trigger a cartridge contributor email.
2 10/3/2013 Ranger Fox
  This is a test to make sure the cartridge update system on the site works again.

Apparently, I had modified the code that called the InsertLog stored proc so it could be called within a transaction. However, I didn't tell the command object it needed to clear its parameters, so when it was passed to the method, it already had parameters from the previous stored proc call.

So, anyway, after I added cmd.Parameters.Clear(), everything worked.
1 9/25/2013 Jakuje