The Wherigo Foundation

The Wherigo Foundation is an organized group of enthusiasts who have come together to develop Wherigo beyond Groundspeak’s initial specification. This volunteer group is comprised of Wherigo Builder and Player developers, artists, and web developers. The group’s immediate goal is to make Wherigo more accessible and user friendly to the community while working on the long-term goal of reimagining the Wherigo experience.

The foundation is responsible for everything regarding Wherigo: the builders and compilers that make, emulators that test, site that hosts, and apps that play the cartridges. If you would like to volunteer your time, please contact the person in charge of the project to which you would like to contribute.

Foundation Members

Ranger Fox Founder; Web site and API - Project Lead North Carolina, United States When Wherigo was released in 2008, Ranger Fox began helping people with their cartridges, acquiring the title of Wherigo’s forum moderator and community advocate. He is responsible for the foundation, web site, Wherigo API, hosting, and some public relations. An accomplished geocacher, he enjoys traveling, hiking, and haunted attraction photography.
Mangatome Wherigo Player for Windows Phone - Lead Developer Wherigo Player Core - Lead Developer with Charlenni Karlsruhe, Germany Mangatome is responsible for the development of the foundation's Wherigo Player for Windows Phone. He also works with Charlenni on the Wherigo Foundation Core, the heart of the various WF.Players.
matejcik OpenWIG Player - Lead Developer Prague, Czech Republic In 2008, matejcik introduced the first non-Groundspeak Wherigo Player for J2ME phones, OpenWIG. He currently advises player app developers and works on Wherigo's architecture.
charlenni Wherigo Player for Android - Lead Developer Wherigo Player for iOS - Lead Developer Wherigo Player Core - Lead Developer with Mangatome Wherigo Compiler - Lead Developer Baden-Württemberg, Germany Charlenni started in 2012 with the idea to create an open source compiler for Wherigos and an open source player for all major platforms. He keeps on working on this issue.
wijnen xmarksthespot Python Wherigo Player - Lead Developer Groningen, Netherlands Starting with creating a Wherigo Player for Python, wijnen works on Wherigo's architectrue and is a major help to those creating a Player.
sTeamTraen Earwigo Builder - Lead Developer Strasbourg, France In 2008, sTeamTraen began working on Earwigo, an online Wherigo builder, and released it to the community as a whole in 2010. He currently helps work on Wherigo's architecture and assists people in the forum.


yourself Urwigo Builder - Lead Developer Prague, Czech Republic Since introducing it in 2010, yourself's Urwigo Wherigo Builder has become the world's most popular Wherigo Builder application.
kikinoot Wherigo Online Emulator - Lead Developer Strasbourg, France The first person to introduce a web-based emulator, kikinoot's work has helped to bring Wherigo authorship to more people.
Jakuje Web OS Wherigo Player - Lead Developer Brno, Czech Republic Jakuje is currently working on a Wherigo Player for the WebOS platform.
AddHam Graphic Artist Michigan, United States The artist among the programmers, AddHam lends his experience to the foundation as a Wherigo player, having completed more than 200 Wherigo cartridges.