Walking the Dog.
A cartridge by hal-an-tow
N 52° 35.491   W 1° 05.252 N 52° 35.491   W 1° 05.252
Geocache < 1 hour
In East Midlands, United Kingdom
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Added: 8/6/2016 Updated: 8/12/2016

Starting Location Description

A corner of the car park at Brocks Hill Country Park

About This Cartridge

At several points along the route you will need to answer questions and look for information to record which you require to calculate the final co-ordinates , please read each screen befoore setting off for the next location, and scroll down each screen to ensure you don't miss anything important !
The cartridge should auto save at each stage, so you do not have to start all over again from the beginning if you have a problem.
If using a 'phone, beware, don't use auto complete for word answers, just type in each letter, otherwise the word may not be accepted.

This walk should take less than an hour, and is particularly (but not exclusively) good for caching dogs and the humans on the other ends of their leads. I've had the privilege of caching with a few: Elz' now sadly demised Cassie (arch treat-thief, always a bored sigh and flop when a long cache search was needed, but an enthusiast when water was around). Gladstone8's Biggles, tiny legs a blur to keep pace , (that's Biggles not G8 ... ) . And the new pup literally running rings round Elz, the lovely April. The whole of her is a blur ...

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