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By A Snail & Myriad Green Added: 3/19/2013
0 ft
Northern Scotland, United Kingdom
This Wherigo is based upon the legend of St Keyna, from whom Keynsham was named. In this interpretation of events, the player plays the part of Keyna by re-enacting how she exorcised snakes from the forest, so that she may build her home there. All you need to do is go to the center of the woods and
By corporal gore-tex Added: 3/19/2013
10.7 mi
South East England, United Kingdom
Stroll round this Somerset village to find a physical geocache; GC1A0R4 credit to Nigel from dogastus for his valuable help. Revision notes v1.0 = larger zones v1.1 = new answers
20.8 mi
London, United Kingdom
This Wherigo is a simple demonstration Wherigo set in Weston-super-Mare. It was written as a demonstration on how to create Wherigos at the British Mega Event in August 2009. This Wherigo has since been updated due to changes and certain landmarks no longer being present.