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By Barbara Cross Added: 8/9/2015
0 ft
Florida, United States
This is a modified version of the the first wherigo cartridge I have created. It will take you on a quick tour around the neighborhood while I test my cartridge building skills. I have added pictures to this one in hopes of making it better.
By Clan Riffster Added: 3/21/2013
7.8 mi
Florida, United States
A night cache in the Lil Big Econ State Forest, companion to the Geocache GC22BP5
By Evil AZS Added: 7/15/2016
14.4 mi
Florida, United States
This is just a test to see if this WIG geocache can be found by cheating. Good Luck
By Flatouts Added: 12/8/2013
17.6 mi
Florida, United States
This Wherigo cartridge will take you on a two mile tour of the 50 acre Harry P. Leu Gardens, Orlando's hidden gem.
By Wabbit Added: 3/19/2013
35.1 mi
California, United States
This PLAY ANYWHERE cartridge Has a "Local" and an "Out Of Area" mode of play! Can you solve the puzzles? Check out for a riddle and code breaking game where you could win Cash! (let us know if you would like to see something like it for Wherigo too.)