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By josephaw Added: 9/30/2014
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Utah, United States
While staying with a friend, he tells you about the creepy park nearby, but also about some long lost treasure...(for the full introduction, see the cache description). Intrigued, you go to meet his grandpa Jim.
By josephaw Added: 9/30/2014
0.45 mi
Utah, United States
Welcome to the wonderful world of Wherigo caches! I'm Joe, and I'll be your host this evening / day / whatever time this is. First, you have already downloaded the cartridge, which is probably the hardest part. If not, get it done!
By josephaw Added: 5/24/2015
1.3 mi
Utah, United States
By josephaw Added: 6/26/2014
1.4 mi
Utah, United States
For years, locals have mentioned and searched for old Spanish mines and gold, with varying success. Recently a friend of yours, a local historian, believed that he had uncovered the location of one of these treasure troves. After leaving you a cryptic message last night on your door, which said "I f
By josephaw Added: 5/20/2014
1.5 mi
Utah, United States
Welcome to the Candy Kingdom, one of the greatest kingdom's within the entire Land of Ooo. Princess Bubblegum, the ruler of this land, has summoned you to her castle. You should head over to meet her at the castle.
By josephaw Added: 6/7/2014
3.7 mi
Utah, United States
Welcome to the Tron Universe. This is the first in a series allowing you to explore this digital world in a first person fashion. I hope that you enjoy.
By josephaw Added: 3/19/2015
4.1 mi
Utah, United States
Learn more about Joseph Smith, the founder of the LDS Church.
By josephaw Added: 8/21/2015
13.6 mi
Utah, United States
While visiting a friend, you decide to check out the nearby mountains and go for a hike. You see the entrance to a cave, and are inexplicably drawn towards it...
By josephaw Added: 8/19/2014
26.7 mi
Utah, United States
While stopping to find a history cache, you realize that something is amiss. You start to read the plaque, and as you do, the sky darkens. What is with this cache site?