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By J2B2 Added: 3/19/2013
California, United States
Experience life in California's early years at the very beginning of the famous gold rush.
By Team lite_rod Added: 3/19/2013
California, United States
Short tour with a multi- cache at the end. This in conjunction with Welcome to Pioneertown GC1E9QW
By Tecnics Added: 3/19/2013
Ceuta, Spain
Un paseo de camino a la “font de la budellera”, Collserola, para conocer la historia del tesoro del gran brujo.
By IK Added: 3/19/2013
Florida, United States
A short walk in the woods and some information about oaks.
By onovy, cherubin Added: 3/19/2013
Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic
Tato hra vas provede po Kuneticke hore a pripomene vam jednu povest, ve ktere si sami zahrajete.
By Touchstone Added: 3/19/2013
California, United States
This Cartridge is centered around the historic Pacific Garden Mall in downtown Santa Cruz, California. The purpose of this Cartridge is to collect Waymarking Icons from various Waymarked features in the downown area and score a Bingo. This is a companion Cartridge to Geocache Listing GC1EQBC.
By Touchstone Added: 3/19/2013
California, United States
Welcome to the Sea of Cortez Cartridge. This is a relative short and easy Cartridge in which you will assist Doc Ricketts in assemblying his crew and supplies. After successfully completing all the tasks, the Final Cache Zone will be visible in your You See screen. Good luck.
By MickEMT Added: 3/19/2013
New York, United States
A tour of Clarence Town Park in Clarence NY that will show you a few of the historic sites in the park. This is the companion cartridge to cache GC1DBHH "Signal the Frog and the Wherigo logo are Trademarks of Groundspeak Inc. Used with Permission. All Rights Reserved."
By trailpuppy Added: 3/19/2013
California, United States
Frodo the hobbit must visit the Mines of Moria and Fangorn Forest on a challenging quest to find and extinguish the fiery eye of Sauron.
By MickEMT Added: 3/19/2013
New York, United States
A quick tour of some Historical Markers and Monuments in and near Leicester Park
By MickEMT Added: 3/19/2013
New York, United States
A tour of the campus of the Rochester Museum of Science Center. (RMSC) This is the companion cartridge to RMSC Wherigo GC1KXQ4
By Firth of Forth Added: 3/19/2013
Southern Scotland, United Kingdom
An adventure deep in South America. Let the adventure begin!
By A Snail & Myriad Green Added: 3/19/2013
Northern Scotland, United Kingdom
This Wherigo is based upon the legend of St Keyna, from whom Keynsham was named. In this interpretation of events, the player plays the part of Keyna by re-enacting how she exorcised snakes from the forest, so that she may build her home there. All you need to do is go to the center of the woods and
By Prusux Added: 3/19/2013
Take your Bike and Race to win a prize.
By Danatisy Added: 3/21/2013
Quebec, Canada
Une Wherigo de 4 zones a faire en automobile sur une distance de pres de 200km. Sur GC2B3F9.
By Ossau64 Added: 3/21/2013
Basse-Normandie, France
Une courte visite d'Oloron en passant par le parc Pomme et la cathedrale Sainte Marie A short visit Oloron through the park apple and St. Mary Cathedral Un Oloron breve visita a través de la manzana del parque y la catedral de Santa María
By Chemruz Added: 3/21/2013
Flevoland, Netherlands
Kun jij de schat van de draak vinden? Speciaal voor kinderen, tenmiste als ze durven. Je moet het wel opnemen tegen een levensgevaarlijke draak. Maar je krijgt gelukkig ook hulp van diverse vreemde personen.
By Clan Riffster Added: 3/21/2013
Florida, United States
A night cache in the Lil Big Econ State Forest, companion to the Geocache GC22BP5
By Ossau 64 Added: 3/21/2013
Aquitaine, France
Avec cette cartouche vous aurez la possibilité de trouver 4 caches liées à la Wherigo ainsi que la cache Mystery de Peyo GC28F00, tout cela sur un parcours de 3000 mètres qui vous fera découvrir la ville fortifiée de Navarrenx .Pour cette cache vous aurez impérativement besoin d'une boussole d'une l
By Ossau 64 Added: 3/21/2013
Bourgogne, France
Une courte promenade de 1000 mètres autour du plateau du Zoum durant laquelle vous découvrirez 3 caches .Une boussole vous sera nécessaire Un paseo alrededor de la Zoum meseta de 1000 metros durante el cual se encuentran tres cachés. Una brújula será necesario A short walk around the 1000 mete